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4/5 Rating

$4.95 /month

5 Gb space

100 Gb bandwidth

99.99% Uptime

This company offers three plans that almost do not differ from each other in price. When making a monthly payment, the cheapest plan will cost 4.95, which is a high rate for our list. Similar plans can be found even at lower prices.

We have conducted our own experiment to assess the quality of technical support. The result was positive.

We have searched the Internet for reviews from other users to ensure our result was not the only one.

The company uses the LiteSpeed Web Server technology that will speed up the work of your website to some extent. However, the big drawback is that the company does not use SSD.

When using External Backups, you should not worry about recovering your data or files. The company is committed to its customers. Therefore, you will not have any problems with recovering any lost data with the help of backup.


Price: 3/5

Support: 4/5

Speed: 3/5

Backup: 4/5

If you need expensive hosting offering not very good opportunities, is right for you. Certainly, the company has its own advantages. However, we think that this hosting is not good enough to host one’s website.

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