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3/5 Rating

$9.99 /month

10 Gb space

Unlimited bandwidth

99.99% Uptime


Speaking of the prices set by this company, they are rather high. Take a look at the plans: the cheapest one offering 10Gb and Unlimited Bandwidth costs 9.99. In my opinion, it is possible to find better plans providing better opportunities for such money.


We have conducted our own experiment to assess the quality of technical support. The result was positive.

We have searched the Internet for reviews from other users to ensure our result was not the only one.


You will like the load speed of your website. Geekstorage uses the latest technology, so you will not have any problems with speed. When reviewing different plans, one can see that SSD Database Storage and LiteSpeed Powered are used in each case. LiteSpeed is a supercharged replacement for Apache (the most common and well-supported website hosting platform) that delivers ultra fast PHP, Ruby, and caching features to our shared hosting services.


On its website, the company assures us it cares about our data. This is true, as they do automated backups every day. That is why you do not need to worry if anything is wrong with your website. You will not encounter any difficulties with recovering data.


Price: 2/5

Support: 3/5

Speed: 4/5

Backup: 4/5

To sum up, this is a great hosting offering wonderful opportunities.  As it is located both in the USA and Germany and uses innovative technologies, the load time of your website will be sped up, which is a big advantage of the company. The bad thing is the high cost of the provided services that do not meet expectations.

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