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4/5 Rating

$4.99 /month

10 Gb space

Unlimited bandwidth

99.99% Uptime


Speaking about the prices set by hawkhost, they do not differ greatly from those offered by the crocweb company. In fact, their prices are suitable both for users with a limited budget and those who can afford to pay more.


We have conducted our own experiment to assess the quality of technical support. The result was positive.

We have searched the Internet for reviews from other users to ensure our result was not the only one.

As well as other companies on our list, hawkhost uses Solid State Drive (SSD) and Litespeed Powered Web Server. As it is stated on their webpage: "It is up to 900% faster than Apache when serving static content and up to 50% faster when serving PHP requests."


As to backup, everything is the same as with the majority of hosting agencies: the company uses the Daily R1Soft Backups services. Thus, automatic backups are made every day and stored on a separate website. Therefore, you will be able to recover data easily if needed.


Price: 4/5

Support: 5/5

Speed: 4/5

Backup: 5/5

Having made a detailed analysis, we came to the conclusion that the hawkhost company is a good choice for your website. The price for the hosting services offered by the company is rather attractive. Thus, if you are looking for inexpensive hosting, draw your attention to hawkhost.

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