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5/5 Rating

$3.50 /month

1 Gb space

Unlimited bandwidth

99.99% Uptime


The prices for the web hosting services provided by the MDD hosting company are not cheap. However, the reason for setting such prices becomes clear if to take the opportunities offered by the company into account. As a result, this hosting cannot be considered affordable. If you have a limited budget, you can find cheaper hosting services on our list (links to cheaper hosting services).


We have conducted our own experiment to assess the quality of technical support. The result was pretty good.

We have searched the Internet for reviews from other users to ensure our result was not the only one.


After checking both external and internal criteria, certain improvement in the work of the website has been noticed in comparison with our previous hosting. Our website started loading faster no matter the part of the world. The MDD hosting has applied the LiteSpeed technology which is 9 times faster than that of Apache. The PHP processes run 50% faster and 3 times faster than when using the SSL Apache Hosting. Owing to the LiteSpeed technology and SSD installation, websites using the MDD hosting work very quickly.


There is nothing to worry about if you have any problems with your website or need to update data. The MDD hosting offers daily automatic data updating for all hosting plans. In addition, the MDD hosting uses the R1Soft Continuous Data protection technology. Owing to it, your backups are stored on a separate server and are protected from data loss.


Price: 4/5

Support: 5/5

Speed: 5/5

Backup: 5/5

After analyzing the MDD hosting company, we can say that it is a pretty good representative of hosting services. The company provides quality services as well as great technical support, which is quite rare today. They MDD company uses modern technologies. Thus, you will not have any problems with your website, speed, and backup. The only thing is that not everyone can afford to pay such a high price for their services.

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Marc2019-08-21 14:14:25

Top knotch service! MDD are really great hosting. Fast support.

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