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2/5 Rating

$3.95 /month

50 Gb space

Unlimited bandwidth

99.99% Uptime


The company offers three pricing plans that differ in traffic and disk space only. The price for the cheapest plan does not differ greatly from the prices for other hosting plans presented on our list. If you keep analyzing the plans, you will see that the price you pay every month does not differ from that paid once a year.


We have conducted our own experiment to assess the quality of technical support. The result was pretty good.

We have searched the Internet for reviews from other users to ensure our result was not the only one.


If to take a look at the pricing plans, it becomes clear that the company uses the Lite Speed technology which can speed up your site significantly. The big drawback is that hosting does not use SSD. It seems there is no reason for it, however, we hope the company will overcome this disadvantage in the future.


There are certain problems with backups too. According to the information provided on the website, they do backups once a month. As to the R1Soft Continuous Data technology, the company does not use it.


Price: 4/5

Support: 2/5

Speed: 3/5

Backup: 2/5

The prices and technical support are the only advantages offered by the company. The services provided by the company do not correspond to the set prices. We hope the company will soon overcome its disadvantages.

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